Fellowes has been working with IFG for a number of years and has seen strong sales growth as a result using IFG’s incentive programs. The programs are easy to administer but really deliver results, creating growth at resellers that exceeds the market average.
Steve Plaistowe
Fellowes Ltd | www.fellowes.com
We have used several different styles of promotion run by IFG to help support our sales strategy and these have been very effective. Their regular communications have raised our brand and product awareness, resulting in an increase in orders and a strengthening of our customer relationships.
Scott McKechnie
Rapid Tools Division | www.rapid.com
Avery UK has been working with IFG for a number of years and we have always found them professional in all our dealings. We have seen some great sales growth in the accounts targeted and the service helps to keep Avery front of mind with the customers.
Stuart Login
Avery UK | www.avery.com
IFG, working in conjunction with a number of our key suppliers, has developed a rewards programme that offers excellent benefits to our members for achieving sales growth. This well managed campaign has added important value to our overall offering.
Simon Webb
Office Friendly | www.officefriendly.co.uk